WP1 - Twimp machine miniaturization, tools for cutting/welding 3d shapes.

WP1 has the following objectives:

- Miniaturization and optimization of the TWIMP machine structure and component supports (from 36 to 10m2).
- Preparation of the engineering details and industrial specifications.
- Adaptation of the machine tools to handle complex and 3 dimensional shapes; testing and optimization of the tools.

Tasks included in the WP:

1.1) Adaptation of the TWIMP machine design for miniaturization.
1.2) Tool adaptation to cut/weld complex shapes.
1.3) Testing and optimization of the cutting/welding tools.


WP2 - Twimp process & control system optimization

WP2 has the following objectives:

- Design and development of the control hardware/software for cutting and welding 3 dimensional parts.
- Pre-validation and troubleshooting of the control software using 3D simulation program.
- Cutting/welding tests using optimized software and new laser tools (from WP1) to obtain 100% reliability in operations.

Tasks included in the WP:

2.1) Process control strategy optimization.
2.2) Implementation & integration of the new contro software for cutting/welding operations of 3d components.
2.3) Testing and optimization of the software for cutting/welding.

WP3 - development of Twimp user friendly interface

WP3 has the following objectives:

- Design and development of the user interface.
- Testing and validation of the interface.
- Troubleshooting and tune-up of the user friendly interface.

Tasks included in the WP:

3.1) Design and development of the user interface.
3.2) Testing and validation of the user interface.


WP4 - Twimp integration and industrial demonstration

WP4 has the following objectives:

- Complete integration (hardware/software) and commissioning of TWIMP industrial prototype.
- Testing and qualification of the TWIMP technology in industrial environment.
- Demonstration and validation of the TWIMP performances.
- Preparation of upcoming industrialization.

Tasks included in the WP:

4.1) Industrial prototyping of the TWIMP machine.
4.2) Machine set-up, functionality tests and optimization.
4.3) Demonstration and qualification.
4.4) Preparation of ELETTROSYSTEM supply-chain to TWIMP.

WP5 - Dissemination, IPR strategy and commercialization

WP5 has the following objectives:

- Dissemination channels and promotion of project results and TWIMP performances.
- Preparation and implementation of Exploitation actions for upcoming commercialization.
- Communication measures to maximize awareness of end users.

Tasks included in the WP:

5.1) Exploitation management.
5.2) Dissemination activities.
5.3) Communication.


WP6 – Project management

WP6 has the following objectives:

- Project supervision (monitoring work schedule, budget, subcontracted work).
- Management of all administration, contractual and legal aspects.
- Communication with EASME rappresentative.
- Review of any potential technical risks; update of the contingency plan.

Tasks included in the WP:

6.1) Administrative coordination.
6.2) Financial management.
6.3) Technical and Risk management.